IntroMojo Discovers Your Sales Prospects.

There are sales tools for everything.

If you can create a catchy name then you can create your own sales tool.And it doesn't stop there.

The lead generation part of the sales and marketing tools space is probably the busiest part of the business.

There are tools to help you find leads, share leads, sell leads, and trade leads.

According to the Yankee Group, it's a $75 billion marketplace.

In fact, last year companies across the country bought $20 billion worth of lead lists.  You might be one of those people who gets handed a list of people to call on.

You have NO information about the prospect other than a name and a number.  It's frustrating because you need to close business and are completely unprepared to do that.

IntroMojo changes all that.

IntroMojo allows you to  do three things really well:

1.  Find your prospect.

There there are millions of places on the web to search for people.  Google and LinkedIn seem to be the most popular for business people.  Finding your exact right prospect is the first step in learning anything about them.  IntroMojo asks you simple questions to help you zoom in from a name to the person you need to engage with.  Things like location, company, job title, industry are all clues that IntroMojo presents in helping you find the person that you need to help you close your deal.

2.  Learn about your prospect

You probably already have a email address and phone number on your lead list.  That’s just not enough any more.  Prospects are way too busy to listen to telemarketing.  They want an expert talking to them from the very first conversation.  IntroMojo helps you learn everything about your prospect.  Your learn their background, education, and work experience.  More importantly you’ll find out what your prospect is talking about, what books, videos, and music they enjoy, and what they like.  You find out who they’re friends with, what videos and blogs they are writing, and where they engage on the web.  Add to that a few pictures of them (so you can pick them out a crowd) — and you have the ultimate profile of exactly what makes your prospect tick.  You’ll be able to build rapport faster then your competitors.

3.  Stay updated on your prospect

IntroMojo stores all the profiles you create in your Account Library.  You can find them from anywhere in the world.  Your hotel room on the road on from your office computer a few minutes ahead of a meeting.  You can get this anytime, anywhere.   And each time you need to engage with your prospect, IntroMojo will serve up the most recent  information on your prospect.  It’s new each time.  So your sales pitch can stay fresh.

So that’s IntroMojo…

Try it out!  It's FREE to get started.


DISCLAIMER:  I am one of the founders of IntroMojo and a dude who wants to make you tremendously successful.  Obviously, if enough of you find value in IntroMojo and close deals (like I suspect you will), you will help my self asteem and possibly enable me to put my kids through college.