Why The Facts Don’t (Really) Matter.

"Is that a fact....?"

You've probably been asked that quite a few times over your lifetime.

Professors. Parents. Your priest.

They all care about "the facts".

Come to think of it, the facts (amusing or otherwise) are a big part of everything that we do.

Our whole lives, we have been told how to handle the facts.

All the time we hear how we shouldn't:

  • Misrepresent,
  • Leave out,
  • Forget,
  • Color, or
  • Hide the facts.

"Just give me the facts...", we're told.

And certainly there are a dozen rhymes and reasons why that might make sense.

Right? The facts are:

  • Undebatable.
  • Certifiable.
  • Logical.

Who wouldn't want to leave out all the huff-and-puff of opinion and counter-culture introspection?  Who wouldn't want to deal in raw emotionless absolution?

Maybe someone who wants to be a high performer.

And frankly, here's why --  the facts can be a self limiting defense mechanism.

"Facts are what we cling to to avoid needing to take sides and making hard choices..."

Facts are biased.

They are. Given the length of time that our minds are alive and the length of time that the cosmos has existed, it's quite possible that everything we know about everything is absolutely wrong.

Think about two very specific way points over the last 700 years

  • It was a fact that the world was flat. For decades, we thought the world was flat. We even put people to death who dared to imagine any other possible solution. Anything other than a logical two-dimensional mindset of cartography was preposterous.
  • It was a fact that blacks and whites could not possibly be equal. Four hundred years after Columbus, we knew that black people weren't equals with white people. They were incapable of being as intelligent, as progressive, or as intellectually capable as their less colorful counterparts.

And now we know that the facts were horribly wrong.

And it shouldn't be a surprise.

Facts only tell half the story.

Sometimes not even that.


  • Be more curious.
  • Care less about gossip.
  • Make up your own mind.
  • Be courageous.
  • Fail with a smile on your face.

What you think is a disaster right now might turn into the brilliant destiny you always wanted for yourself.

And that might just be a fact...

LeadershipStephen Palacino