The Value You Bring to the World.

Who you are brings significant value to the world.

That's not just a cheesy line you hear from your therapist or the motivational speaker standing on the stage.

It's true.

And yet we forget that fact so many times.

And forgetting it ruins everything that we do.

It's like pouring vinegar in a nice cup of morning coffee!

Your have the right mix of coffee, creamer, and sugars; and then just about the time you grab the cup and start to bring the cup up to your lips, someone just splashes a little white vinegar into your cup.  You can't even really see it.  Your coffee doesn't change color to bright blue or anything overly creepy.  It looks the same.  Almost smells the same.

But take a drink (I dare you).

Your perfect coffee is ruined.  It's completely worthless.  All the work and skill you put into making sure that everything was perfect now needs to be thrown out.

That's how value works.

When you don't "feel" valued, you act like an idiot.

You may be talented and hard working and a genius at what you do.  But your attitude is like that splash of vinegar.  It destroys the beauty of "you" and turns you into less than what you want for yourself.

Here is how that happens:

  1. You revert to sarcastic behavior instead of sharing how you really feel and why that feeling is important to you...
  2. Your immediate action when confronted is to point out someone else that has the same flaw (or hopefully a worse one)...
  3. You get upset and distracted when people don't immediately accept the advice and help that you offer...
  4. You become petty over language and terminology that you have created to differentiate yourself from other experts...
  5. You stop being open-minded to the ideas and conversations that come from other people...

And what was once a beautiful and fearless adventure becomes a minefield of failure and defeat.

You start losing more and your souls feels less nurtured.

You become of no value to the world around.

Be valuable.

Share. Care.  Give.  Ignore your detractors.  Keep your head held high.  And know, that deep down, your pain and fear is driving you to run away from what could be the biggest success you will ever have.  Stick it out.

That's real value.