4 Ways to Deal With NOT Having the Answer.

You tip back your chair, cross your arms behind your head, and stare at the ceiling.

So many questions. So much chaos.

You just want a simple answer.

And the reality is that you don't have an answer at all...


Sure,  you have ideas and there are possibilities.  But nothing seems clear.  There's no one direction to go.

No answer.

It's all confusing and frustrating and emotionally draining.

And it's not isolated to any one thing that you might be working on at the moment.

It could be:

  • a sales deal,
  • a marketing strategy,
  • a technology break-through,
  • a way to convince your boss to give you a raise

It doesn't matter.  It's all the same.

You want to figure it out, but there seems to be no way to cut through all the chaos find answers and really make.

So how do you deal with that situation?

In short:  "minute by minute"...

There's no magic elixer to finding the answer.  But there are a few things that you can do to help nudge yourself in that direction.

  1. Lamaze, Baby, Lamaza -- No.  Not all the the pillows and baby-changing exercises.  The breathing.  You need to breathe.  It's the fastest way to clear the cobwebs from your head.  You're flustered and a little offended.  What you need to focus on is your next breath.  It will calm down your brain and enable you to get back in a problem-solving mode.
  2. Speak your chin up -- What you say affects what you do.  Sometimes you just need to look yourself in the mirror and give yourself pep talk.  It's purposeful.  You're keeping yourself aware, alive, and agitated.  You stop yourself from saying "I can't" and  say "I gonna try".    Word by word you get your head back in the game.
  3. Clear your calendar --  You need time to let the best decisions come to be.  The best answers are part karmic.  That takes time.  And experience.  You're never going to stop moving, but you do need to talk yourself down off the "time ledge"  that demands that you "figure it out" this very minute.  Clear your calendar and work it out.
  4. Throw a punch -- Get crazy physical.  Run.  Shout.  Swear. Work out.  It not only relieves your pent-up tensions, it drives blood through your brain faster and harder than you just sitting there sulking.  Sometimes, when your body is completely worn out and your muscles are aching from the effort of strenuous output  - in that moment - the answer comes to you.

Despite your best intentions and mind-numbing focus on getting it right, sometimes you won't have the answer.

And least it won't feel that way.


That's why you need to keep going.

You'll look back and realize that you had the answer all along.