Selfish Salesmanship. 9 ways in 60 seconds.

It's pretty easy to be a selfish sales person.

Most of our sales processes are built on the premise that it's "all about us"...


That's not the actual language in your handbook.

And you might never hear that in your weekly sales meeting.


You might find yourself:

  1. Sending "I just wanted to touch base" emails
  2. Going to a meeting without researching your prospect's situation
  3. Detached from leading-edge industry research that could save your prospect time and money
  4. Leaving voicemail with the "call me back" ending
  5. Using  "consulfusing" sales techniques that waste your prospect's time
  6. Writing off prospects because they don't move as fast as you would like
  7. Putting 17 social media links in your email signature
  8. Using phrases like "here's what I want to do"
  9. Not following-up after a sales call


etc..., etc...

Any one of those qualifies as "first class" selfish salesmanship.

It'll make you think...