Poyozo Feeds your Memory. Never Forget Anything.

Every forget something that you really wanted to remember?

Who was that guy I bumped into yesterday?  Did I send that email already?  What was the weather like yesterday?

Frustrating right?

You move so fast that at times you just get frantic trying to retrace your steps.  Trying to rethink vital information that

And it's always at the worst possible time....

An edgy technology called Poyozo hopes to solve that problem for you once and for all.

Poyozo (got to love that edgy name, by the way) gives you your life (and your online data) back, one activity at a time.

You can opt-in to importing your data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Last.fm, Google Calendar, any email service, any RSS feed, Flickr, Wesabe, Listit, Skydeck, Dopplr, your Firefox browsing history, the local weather, and your location.

To get started, you need to download the Firefox plug-in that automates the Poyozo magic.

Once you restart your browser, you add data to your Poyozo feeder.  You (literally) turn on access to certain services which Poyozo collects in the background.

Everytime the Poyozo service runs you get updated results.

That's where the fun begins.

Poyozo begins to retrace your steps and help you recreate what happened.  Select the Poyozo icon at the bottom of your screen in Firefox and you get a calendar with a topic cloud for all your activity for those days.

You can drill down into a specific day for data.  A reminder of everything on your personal and social calendars, your music, emails, even the tweets you send and receive...And then you can drill down further and further into your activity.  Until it gets crazy detailed.

There are plenty of data streams to analyze, combine, search, and look through.

When you need to remember more, think of an edgy technology called Poyozo...

And never forget anything ever again.