Batchbook Reinvents CRM.

Everybody needs a good way to keep track of relationships.  For some of us, a quick trip to Barnes & Nobles yields a slim leather address book that does what we need.

If you happen to know more than a few dozen people you may just throw everybody into LinkedIn and use that platform to manage who you know (and who knows them).

Over the last ten years, the idea of CRM has been pretty mainstream -- with Salesforce setting the standard for how CRM can really be an enterprise platform for running everything that we do.   Sadly, it's bulky and no longer charming.  A lot of times, it just feels unusable for building rapport with customers and really getting things done.

And a bunch of new CRM platforms have jumped up to fill in the gap:

  • Landslide [link] -- great at charting the sales process from lead to close but needs a better mobile solution
  • Highrise [link] -- simple to use address book with deal tracking but could stand some more 3rd party integration support
  • Bantam Live [link] -- adds team collaboration and Google integration to contact management but
  • Sales Nexus [link] -- has email marketing built into an online platform but could could use some "prettying up"
  • SugarCRM [link] -- the best open source alternative just grew up (with social media flair) but tries to be "like Salesforce"
  • Zoho CRM [link] -- connects with three dozen other Zoho business products but is pretty unusable if you care about productivity

For me, BatchBook is the best new generation in high-performance "client relations".

It's what I use in my day-to-day "Conquer the World" strategy.

Here are a few views to get you curious.

Home Screen View

Arrange it any way you want.  You can add contacts, search on Twitter or Google, check out your leads, review your press connections, and see the latest new newsletter sign-ups on your website.

Contact View

When you finally get down to see the details of a contact in Batchbook, you can see their updated information and any recent tweets.  It's pretty powerful.

Detailed Contact View

Find your contact on Twitter, Linkedin, and Flickr.  If you don't have any information for them yet just hit the Search Social Network button and Batchbook will do all the work for you.

Get Started.

It's free to set it up for yourself.  So if you are interested, go grab your own account and try it out.