Pain: How to Look Past the Shadows on the Wall.

Pain is the primary driver for everything that we do (or don't do).

It determines what we think about.  What we believe is possible.

The problem with pain is that a lot of the time, it isn't anything physical.

It's a process that changes over time.

We stop twisting ankles, breaking bones, and getting bloody noses.  Right?

We move from the playground to the battleground.  From the swing-set to the headset.

Where we scar our minds instead of our knees...

It's mental.  Not muscle.

And while it looks like as a whole we are eliminating pain from our lives, nothing could be farther from the truth.  We're just better at hiding it from others.

We're experts at appearing like "everything is alright".  In fact, we might be able to even hide it from ourselves if it weren't for the shadows on the wall.

The problem with mental pain is that the scars run deep.

Betrayal.  Loss.  Abandonment.

The pain is gripping and intense.  And it doesn't go away for awhile.

It's trauma in every imaginable sense of the word.  So much so that we will do just about anything to avoid going through that experience again.

But just about the time you start to heal, just about the time the sting starts to go away, you see the shadows.

On the wall you see the scary outline of past pain.  And you start to relive your fears and doubts.

Your breathe comes a little faster and your heart starts to beat a little quicker.  All of your senses tell you that you are about to get hurt.

And that fear drives you to run.

To stop being a high performer.

But there might be more to the situation if you look past the shadows.

Maybe the shadows don't tell the right story.

Maybe what you think is past fear and failure is really just a mechanical pencil wedged between a pizza box and the edge of the couch.

Maybe it's nothing more than your brain playing tricks on you.  Maybe the harder you look, the less you find to fear.

Maybe you look past the shadows and realize that:

Fear drives us to run while courage helps us to heal.

We all have pain.  We all see the shadows.

It could be losing that big deal,  working to get that next promotion, or fighting through past failures...

Just remember to look past the shadows.

Fear, PainStephen Palacino