Use Liaise. Get Things Done.

Getting things done is one of the hottest topics sweeping through the business world over the last few years. The quest for ultimate productivity.

There are books and charts and a million different perspectives on the subject. And yet there is still room to do better.

What if you could get things done without feeling chained to a formula? What if there was technology to help you stay productive? What if this technology fit nicely into your existing schedule and emailing platform?

Meet Liaise.

Liaise is an add-on for Outlook that reads the emails you write and creates tasks based on the requests to send to other people. It then attaches reminders and deadlines and stores it all next to the rest of your business stuff.

Pretty cool, huh?

Getting started with Liaise could not be any easier. No need to register anything or create any type of account. Just download the plugin from the website and install it on all the computers where you have Outlook.

Once you have Liaise in place inside Outlook, you can select that all messages you write have the additional Liaise task tracking automatically added.

Here's what you'll see. Next to each paragraph you'll have the option to create action items and track the results of the requests that you make.  Name a general time you want to get things done (e.g. like "mid next week) or  add it to your calendar on a specific day (e.g. Wednesday).

You can do a bunch of reporting and tracking right inside the Liaise functionality that's embedded into Outlook. You can see what needs to be done today, next week, or "sometime next month".  You can track it by project name or person, by priority, or by upcoming deadline.  Chose what's important to you at the time.

And there's more for you to do.

You can work through the Liaise options yourself and set it up so it works the way you want to work.

If you are serious about getting things done .  Try Liaise.

It makes things easy.