Get In Your Stribe. Connect Better.

If all this hoopla about the social graph and Facebook privacy settings hasn't made you want to jump off a cliff, if you find it mildly interesting to connect with people, if you have a message, an audience, and the passion to share --  Stribe is your lucky day.

Stribe has been around for almost a year now -- running their social-reingeneering in super-beta mode.  They have thousands of websites signed up and the team instead decided to keep the review of their product focused until they were ready to go crazy man.

That day came last week.  Stribe is now available for you.

Ohhh.... Wondering what the heck it does in the first place.

It turns your website (your blog, your company, your photos....) into a mini social network -- a Facebook for everyone.  Let's jump in.

When you head over to, you have two ways to engage:

  1. You can join a community, OR
  2. You can create a new community

Both are valuable.

First, take a look at the communities that already use Stribe.  Imagine connecting your site with other similar sites.  More traffic.  More reader.  More impact.  So get started.  Find a category (or several) that are focused on what you are doing.

Contribute.  Share.  Make new friends.

Second, customize your profile and join in the discussion.  Stribe makes that pretty easy.

Put in your email address and a few other details and you are up and running.  Now other people that you want to engage know who you are and can continue the relationship outside of coming back to your website.

If you are bold and audacious you may want to build your own community.  It will take you less than three minutes.

And if you decide to customize all the option (the look & feel, and the way emails are sent to new members, etc...), then you can spend hours make Stribe look the exact way you want it to.

Flexible yet simple.

Stribe helps you connect better.

It's an edgy technology that you should take a look at.

Add it to your blog, your website, your community fan page.

Connect better.