Why Success Needs to Hurt First.

Because that's the only way you'll listen.

That's the only way to get you out of your own way and on the path to extraordinary...

Here's  a harsh reality.  Being edgy -- living on the edge of outrageous opportunity hurts like hell at times. 

Especially when you first decide to get started and extend yourself.  When you step out and decide to live the impossible.

Success is a gut-busting endeavor.  The hurt is what prepares you for success.

In 1930, the 23 year old Freddie Chapman led a British expedition to Greenland.  He experienced such ferocious cold that he lost all his finger and toe nails.  He got lost at sea and spent 20 hours in a kayak.  During one exploration he fell into a deep gash in a glacier and just barely saved himself by holding onto the handles of his dog sled - pulling himself hand over hand back to the top.  At the end of this exploration he was one of only 3 people who made it out alive.

Skip forward a decade.  Captain Chapman single-handedly thwarted the Japanese invasion into Malaysia.  For four years he led guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines.

In 1945, two years into his stay,  just as he ran completely out of supplies, all of his team members were lost to either gunfire or disease.  For the next 100 weeks, he suffered from malaria, dysentery, and skin-eating leeches.  He was captured by both Japanese forces and rogue Chinese bandits -- and escaped from both.  He was unconscious for 17 days as he succumbed to pneumonia, jungle fever, and typhus.  He was wounded by a bomb and shot in the arm.  His boots wore out and he walked barefoot through the jungle.

He had destroyed 7 supply trains, 15 bridges, 40 tanks and armored vehicles, and hundreds of Japanese troops.

His training in Greenland a decade earlier gave him the training and guts to return to Britain with the nations highest award -- a hero against all the odds.  He would later tutor Royal Prince Philip.

You can't do amazing things until you understand how to deal with the pain.

Success hurts first.  It needs to.  That's how being edgy works.