The Karmic Charm of Action.

Life comes at us fast.

We are pushed to fear and faint and fail.

The deck is stacked.  The odds are cast.  Friends are few and foes are many.It's not glamorous.  It's life.

It's you versus what seems to be an insurmountable mountain of opposition to you ever reaching your goal.

Part of you even wonders why you are trying to make it work.  Why you keep putting in the effort.

And yet within you, a karmic voice calls for greatness.  A siren sounds for the championing of all that we could be.  All that we might become.  A chance at greatness.

And then you realize...

that you are the savior that you were looking for...

You understand how to free yourself from your fear and your failure.  You know that action is what is required. What is demanded.

The Power of Action

Karma smiles fondly on persistent perspiration.   That emotive sense of doing -- because it means for a short while you are headed towards everything that you want for you.  You are your goal.  And those moments are what stimulate you around the rest of your impossibilities.

  1. Action crushes fear -- your heart does away with the wildness in your head
  2. Action defines goals -- you figure out what you will do instead of what you could do
  3. Action enables success -- you become the future that you always wanted for you

But it's not all karmic charm.

The Push-Back from Action

You can not change the world around without forcing people to take sides.  Some are with you.  Even more are against you.  As you stand up, you create a call that can not be ignored.

  1. Action creates critics -- unabashedly misunderstood intentions
  2. Action leads to failure -- at times you get it wrong
  3. Action demands reaction -- anger, skepticism, finger-wagging, and head shaking

But what did you expect?  It's not easy, it's you creating your karma.

The Plan for Action

Act upon the wildest of your dreams for you and begin the journey through the impossible.  Step by step.  Inch by inch.  You move.  Not with intellectual justification, but a visceral sense of survival -- for your dream, for your passion, for all that is within you.

Like a wild animal, you feast upon your fears with a primal sense of abandon.  And then, when there is nothing but a racing pulse and a sense that you must hunt, you chase down your dreams.

That is your karma.  That is why you act.