Are you Obsessed with Greatness?

It's not a hard question.  Right?

It's actually pretty simple.  Are you obsessed with being great?

It's so simple in fact that many times that we confuse the real issue. 

It's not the same as:

  1. Being passionate,
  2. Trying to be successful,
  3. Working towards your goals, or
  4. Improving on your talents.

It's not the same.

I realized this a few weeks ago when I was running.  I was about 6.5 miles into a quick 14 or 15 mile run and ahead of me at the base of the hill about a quarter mile away was a bicyclist.  And for some neurotic reason I picked up the pace.  The hill sloped upwards for a little more than a mile so I knew I had some time to catch up (or so I thought).

About a half mile into this "race", I had closed the gap quite a bit.  But the guy on the bike turned around and noticed that I was running up behind him and he picked up his pace.  He shifted up a gear or two and I noticed that he started pedaling harder (which ticked me off).  So I shifted into a higher gear.

For the next half mile we basically stayed at the same position, him pedaling faster, me running faster.  And then I pushed deeper.  I had to. The top of the hill was coming and I knew that I would lose my advantage.

By the time, we crested to the top of the hill, I was about 10 steps behind the bike.  Where, the guy looked back briefly and then started zooming off.  And so I did the only logical thing I could think of -- I yelled at the guy - at the top of my lungs:  "Come back here..." (Which made the guy look back at the weirdo yelling at him and pedal away even faster.)

It's a silly story.   But begins to illustrate the power of obsession.

1. Obsession is the greatness power in the world.

There really is nothing else like it.  Nothing as effective.

"Obsession is passion on curiosity steroids"

It's not just about action or passion or intensity.  It's about the effort and creativity to keep trying in spite of whatever comes along.

When you "want it" bad enough to keep trying in spite of past failures, you know that you are closer than ever to success.

2. Greatness isn't a specific point in time.

It's a part of who you are.  Greatness (however you define that that) isn't a finish line.  It's an attitude.  It's a perspective.

You can't do "greatness".  That doesn't make sense.

You are great.   And so what you do leads to amazing things.

Which leads me to ask you one thing: "What are you obsessed about?"