MindMeister Maps your Mind.

Ever have a great idea and then forget it three minutes later when someone jumps into your office asking for help?

Or how about the problem of not seeing the world as a series of consecutive steps?

What if, to you, everything is kind of inter-related?I know about that.  That's how my brain works.

It's not about a series of steps, it's about the relationship between these steps, your edgy ideas, and the people they involve.

It's about mapping your mind.

And a product like MindMeister hits a homerun in making that possible.

There are dozens of tools that allow you to mind map.  Some are made specifically for PC or Mac, and others are designed specifically for mobile devices like the iPad.  I like a tool that works anywhere -- and that's where MindMeister really shines.

It's a web app that works from your browser, your email, or from their iPhone app.

Just send an email with your Geistesblitz (some language for "brilliant edgy ideas that you are about to forget") to MindMeister and it will automatically be added to your default map.

You start with all your mind maps in folders.

You can keep business ideas separate from personal ideas and share your maps with colleagues or clients.  It's great for collaboration.

What's even easier is creating a mind map in the platform.  You start with a blank canvas that continuously updates every few seconds.

You fill in the center of your idea and add ideas from there...

You can add pictures, icons, notes, and even deadlines.  And it's mostly drag-and-drop.  Create ideas and then place them on different nodes to organize your conquest of the world.

It's not just about your wild imagination.  You don't just want to dream big.  You want your edgy ideas (your big dreams) to actually happen.  Right ?

Stop forgetting.

Change the world with your ideas.

MindMeister can help.