Meet Better. WebEx Brings a Better Game.

Meet better? With WebEx?  Before you stop reading and assume you know what I am going to say: STOP.

WebEx has just rolled out a brand new platform that instantly makes it the best technology for you to start holding your meetings.

It's awesome.  And a big company like Cisco built this edgy technology specifically for you -- small business people and sales executives.

It's a cluttered scene right now.  There are quite a few different FREE tools out there for you to use to "do" your online meetings.  There is:

  • FUZE Meeting -- Gives you 1 GB of online storage, has an iPhone app, and even calls you back to connect you to an existing conference call.
  • Adobe Connect Now -- Gives you 5GB of storage and allows you stream your desktop and a webcam simultaneously.
  • DimDim -- It's open source.  Gives you great storage and online tools.  It's all in the browser too -- so no installs.
  • Mikogo -- A small seamless toolbar plug-in that allows you share you desktop or hold meetings pretty easily.
  • Yugma -- Integrates smoothly with Skype. Simple.

Enter WebEx Meet.

It's free.  It's all the edgy power of Cisco's web conference platform at no charge to you.  Sure -- it's limited to only (5) people on any one web session.  But, most of my meetings make that cut.  Probably yours as well.  Just head to to get access to this technology.

Register.  Create your profile. And upload your picture so people know who you are.

Now let's get started.

You can create a meeting with a few clicks of a mouse and even have the option to record your edgy presentation and save it online so you can share it with other people.  People who might not have been able to make the original meeting.

If you want, you can just skip the scheduling and start your meeting right now.  One click and you're live...

There are quite a few edgy features available right here.  You can:

  1. Just use the conference call line
  2. Share your webcam
  3. Create and use whiteboards
  4. Add friends to your event mid-meeting
  5. Chat with your attendees

And all at the same time.

And to make this even more attractive.  You can grab their iPhone or iPad app.

Now you can meet anywhere and for free -- with the leader in web conferencing.

Meet better... Use the new technology from WebEx.