Edgy Technology: Competitious Compares Competitors

Your clients NEVER care how much you are the same with your competition.  They always want to know what makes you different. Special. Better for them.

So that means you need to know before they ask you.

So that requires you knowing a lot about your core strengths.  How you do it better than the other guys -- even if they might be better than you overall.  (Shocker - you might not be selling the "best" product in your space.)

And how better to compare than to call out everyone else taking up space in your industry.

Competitious [link] is the best edgy technology to help you do just that.  There isn't another technology out there that is as simple or helpful in doing this.

To get started, you just need to head to the site (5 seconds), register (25 seconds), and then create your first "project" (a few minutes).  You have to appreciate how they word each of these competitions.  It's just another "project".

In the dashboard, you just add the URL of your competition and Competitious automatically fills in the company information.  It's pretty easy to list out your competitors.  So add as many of them as you can think of.  No reason to hold back.

And then you can head over to the Comparison Matrix page and create categories and topics.  Competitious lines up all the players at the top of the screen and you just click in the cells and add check marks where they apply.

Add more categories if you want.  Or more topics.  Your imagination is your only limit.

It doesn't stop there.  You can do a little spying on you competition.  With a few clicks of the mouse you can see how much web traffic your competition is getting.  You can even overlay all the competitors on the same map and see how you look beside everyone else.

And the clipping tool makes it easy to "bookmark" a site or piece of news that you find about the other guys.  All the notes, traffic and comparisons are neatly updated on the site and you can share it all with your team by sending a simple email.

Compare away...  Get edgy with Competitious.