The Power of Passion.

What moves you? To tears. To get up in the morning. To invest your time or money.

What will make you change?

Here's the question that answers all the rest: "What are you passionate about?"

It's different for all of us. For some of us it's a sports team that we cheer for (like the Redskins) or an activity that we do (like running).

Sometimes it looks like a cause, a goal, or a belief.

Usually a little of each.

What's key to remember is the power that we create when we are passionate. How we bend the world to our will when we so deeply care about the outcome of our activities. How without it we are powerless.

My grandfather is 92 years old and in an assisted living center. For 89 years of his life he was independent. He drove his own car. He read the newspaper every day. He went to church. He was passionate about living life his way.

His wife was equally as independent and strong-willed . (Gramma and I shared the same November birthday) She baked cookies. She went walking. For a while she was even part of a bowling league. She passed away about 18 months ago.

Over the last month, my grandfather has slowly been losing his passion to stay alive. It's extremely sad. And a lesson in passion.

Even with a pace-maker in his chest, my grandfather is in as good of health as I am. Maybe better, since half my blood is Red Bull. And yet, he is dying. He doesn't want to live. He hates the place where he is staying (which is basically a resort). Doesn't want to make any friends. He doesn't want to even leave his room too many days.

So I called him...  See if I could put a smile on his face.

That's where I learned how miserable he was.  In so many words, he told me that he was just "waiting".  I can only assume that meant he was waiting to die.

Sad.  Right?

And so many lessons for us.

If life were a candle, my grandpa is starting to sputter.  And it's not because the wind is blowing.  Because his will to keep the the flame going is gone.

It brings a lump to your throat.  You want to scream "LIVE... Fight!  Don't give up..." Right?

Have you been there before?  Are you there right now?

There's a million lessons.

Here are just a few things from the heart:

  1. It's gotta be your passion -- You can't will someone else to live your dream.  You may really, really want others to see it your way, but you can;t let your passion be a "hammer" to crush those around you.  It has to be a torch that leads others through the darkness.  Passion isn't anger.  It's empathy, patience, and vision.  And it's gotta be your passion.  You can't borrow or beg; you can share it though.
  2. When you lose your passion, you die -- You can't let your passion go.  It's tough out there.  Circumstances have a way of stealing your dreams from you when you need them most.  It's so tough sometimes that you can't find a way to do it another day.  But you have to.  You can't lose your passion.  It's keeping you alive.  You need to believe deep-down that at whatever the cost you have to keep your passion alive.

So, what are you passionate about?

Right now.  This second.   Think about it for a second.  What makes your heart beat?

That's where you're powerful.