It's the Details that Matter.

Getting the big picture figured out is pretty easy. We call that "having a dream"...

It's the edgy details that determine our ultimate fate.  Whether we "make it".

It's if you decide to "just send the email" or take the time to reread it for the 14th time.

And it's fatigue that stops us.  We just get too tired to care any more.

We're so busy dreaming the dream that we forget that everyone else is dreaming too.

And in a battle of dreams, everyone loses.

Why?  Because the dream is the fuel, not what really matters.

Your dream is only as good as your will to obsess about the details.

It's the edgy details that really matter.

We could say that the edgy details are the only thing that matters.

Which ones matter?  All of them.

Here are a few you probably forgot about:

  1. The words you use
  2. The font you write with
  3. The color of your logo
  4. The way you describe "what you do"
  5. How you dress to work, to church, on the weekends
  6. The way you pay your employees... and vendors
  7. Your email signature
  8. The picture on your social media profile
  9. The color of your glasses
  10. How you look at people you disagree with
  11. The type of shoes you wear with your suit
  12. How you are going to respond to the 3rd rejection
  13. Who you pick as your dream client
  14. What you think is fun... or funny
  15. Your sales process
  16. What you remember from an important phone call
  17. What you think is important in the first place
  18. The number of pages in your business plan

It all matters.  And it's not a right or wrong answer for any of these things.  They just matter.

So the next time you decide that something doesn't really matter, take a few minutes and think about the edgy details.

They really do matter.

Be different.  Invest in what really matters: the details...