Threadsy Combines the Conversation.

Do you have 37 ways for people to get a a hold of you?

Work email. Personal email. Legacy AOL email.  Unused Yahoo email addresses. Twitter direct messages.  Facebook emails....

It can be exhausting trying to remember to check all the places where you have conversations.

Let alone checking each one regularly so you don't let something worthwhile lapse.

You start a edgy conversation on Gmail, then you send a @DM on Twitter, and next thing you know there are seven new Facebook messages waiting for you in your inbox.

That's where Threadsy saves the day.

Think of Threadsy as Outlook, Tweetdeck, and Xobni all rolled into one online platform that you can access from your browser anywhere you have internet access.

Take a look at how it looks:

All your messages in one easy layout.

Gmail has always been unusable when it comes to managing similar sounding email threads.   You can have a single string of emails where 40 or 50 messages are grouped together and you have to sort through a long list of items.

It just discourages having conversations that matter.  And if you are in the "change the world" business, you have to find a better solution.

Thready provides a view of your emails that is easy to read.  And you don't have to open a new window to read your message like you do in Gmail.  When you select your message, the message sides down and you get the full HTML view of your emails message.

You can reply to the message with a push of a button, and Threadsy even has some neat signatures it lets you create using your social media profiles.

It's a useful platform for combining all your edgy conversations into one location.

There's a lot of different options to use and while I'm a big fan, you should spend five minutes using it yourself.

Give it a try and see if it's easier to keep track of all your conversations.