Let Feedly Feed your Mind.

Knowing more certainly isn't the silver bullet for ultimate high-performance.  But it sure gives you more ammo to take down your elephant.

You don't sell more because you know more (necessarily).   You sell more because what you know allows you to solve a specific pain that your customer might have.

Knowing more then becomes a matter of balancing:

  • What you should know with
  • How much time you can dedicate to knowing


Swing too far one way or the other and you find yourself operating much less than a high performer.

RSS feeds do a good job of keeping that balance.

Using RSS feeds to track content is nothing new. RSS feeds can be used to update you on:

  1. Edgy market trends
  2. New potential clients
  3. Internal changes at an existing customer
  4. Competitor activity
  5. Emerging thought leadership
  6. Ideas that you can market
  7. Potential partnerships... and

three dozen other edgy options.

In an ever-changing world, RSS feeds provide you an intelligent advantage over your competitors.

Which brings up the obvious question:

How do you best review and manage that "edgy" information best?

Enter Feedly.

Feedly takes everything that you jam into Google Reader and makes it easily consumable.

It's fast.  It reads like a magazine.  And with one click of your mouse, you can mark an entire category of news, research, or facts as read -- and move on to something else.

And when you like something , you don't need to stop and read it right now.  Just hit the save button and come back later when you have time.  Which is key  -- because part of feeding your mind is making sure you stay "well fed."  Not distracted.

Of course, it's completely web-driven (completely syncs with Google Reader) so you can "stay aware" from any device anywhere.

It's brings in Twitter and Google Buzz and even shows edgy news that's  popular around the interwebs.

There's more, but I will leave you to find that out on your own...

If you want to feed your mind, you should consider Feedly as an edgy tool to help you.

And, yes, it's free..