Stop Doing Committees.

You can't have momentous results and group agreement.  They just hate each other too much to play nicely together.

And to illustrate my point -- Can you tell me one outrageous, world-changing success that emerged from the deep recesses of a committee?

Any medical breakthroughs?  World peace?  Hunger? Poverty?

We have the leading brain power in the world huddled in committees trying to solve these problems and the reality is that little good will likely ever come from the dialogue.

Sure. Results do come out.

The committee eventually decides on something.  In fact, usually a majority in the committee can agree on a common plan of action.

But any results that are gained are usually at the cost of extraordinary ideas that could actually change the world.

Maybe I am being a little harsh.  Maybe it's better to have consensus than conquest.  Maybe risk does need to be avoided.

Regardless of the debate, you have stop and ask yourself something more meaningful:

Why would you want to be part of something where the the standard of success is "Can we all agree on it" rather than "Will this change the world"?

Put aside pettiness or the frustration of dealing with others in the committee.  Forget about the fact that you are investing your valuable time to effect change.  Just think about the end goal.

Is that your goal for you?

Do you do things that are meaningless?  Do you allow others to waste your time?

(Probably not. Right?)

So why do we make exceptions for mediocrity just because someone throws a "committee" label on something.

Believe it or not, a bunch of different factors that gang up on us to make us think that this whole "committee" thing might be a good deal:

  1. Socially, we are expected to "play nicely" with other and make decisions for the "good of the group".  (Guilt)
  2. Generationally, we have been trained that groups make better decisions that individuals. (Ignorance)
  3. Personally, we like to feel important - part of an exclusive group. (Vanity)
  4. Psychologically, we want to feel that a piece of our opinion is appreciated. (Insecurity)

It's not an accident that you feel the need to give in and be a part of this sort of thing.  Everybody from your mother to your therapist has been brainwashing you to be less than your best for the good of everybody else.

But is your frustration and stress really good for everybody else?

There are exceptions to bad committees.

Just like there are exceptions to the idea that if you put your hand in a blender, you will lose a finger or two.

You might come out OK.  But are those the odds you want to play?

It's hard to push back, but if you need help getting started you can borrow my standard answer:  "No Committees.  I don't 'do' them."

Help until it hurts. Give religiously.  Just don't waste your time on a committee.

That's edgy.  I know.

And it rubs people the wrong way sometimes, but the reality is that there is a world out there to change.  Why are we locked up behind closed doors talking about it?

Let's go do something.