Conference Calls Become Intimate

You've been there before.  Right.  You are pulling together high-level dudes into a discussion and you need to have a conference call.

Ring.... Ring.... You dial into your conference call line and this is what you hear: "This conference call brought to you by the cheap executive on the other end of the line..."OK.  So I am exaggerating a little.

It doesn't actually say that, but it's something similar like "Brought to you by Free".

Am I the the only one who cringes?  Does any one else think what I am thinking - that it stinks to have your conference service shouting at your client that you can't afford to get a real conference call service?

For the last five years, I have been using InstantConference to help solve this problem.  It's free.  It's professional.  It's intimate.

And intimacy is the extra factor that is the difference between winning and losing.

Here are a few differences that make it my choice for every conference call that I ever have:


  1. ...emails a list of all the attendees on the call and the length of time they participated.
  2. ...can record a conference call send it to you in .mp3 format.
  3. ...allows you to mute the rest of the participants so the audience can hear without distraction.
  4. ...has a Outlook plugin so you can schedule calls right from where you email.
  5. ...has a web dashboard that you use during the call to moderate different functions better.
  6. ...has good audio (not to be overlooked).
  7. ...has a professional sounding introduction when your clients call in to talk with you.

OK. So maybe I am a little obsessive about this stuff.  But this "stuff" happens to be my life - the razor thin edge between the deal and no deal.  So it becomes key that all these little details get handled professionally.

You don't know what the executive on the other end of the line is thinking when he hears a ridiculous greeting from a conference call service touting how cheap you are. He might chuckle and admire your whimsy. Or he might decide to choose the other guy.

I'd rather not make the decision that easy.

That's why I use

**There is no professional relationship between InstantConference and Waldschmidt Partners Intl or any payment to me for endorsement or any other arrangement whereby I might be compensated for recommending this service to you.  I just  like those dudes...