Negotiation. Why You Want Mutual Satisfaction.

So let's talk shop...  There is no such thing as a "one sided" deal.

Both sides get what they want or a deal doesn't happen.

Here's a harsh reality:

If you don't know what the other guy is getting out of the deal , chances are you aren't getting the deal at all.

I speak from experience.  There's that saying that if you look around in a crowd and can't find the "sucker" that it's you.  Well that's kind of how it is in the world of closing deals.

In most cases, whether you know it or not, you tend to be the "sucker".  (That's just a little "Dan fact" that I can't really back up or explain further, so you'll just have to take it for what it's worth.)

When you start thinking that you hold all the cards, you tend to find out your pair of Kings is likely going to be beat.  Maybe  it's complacency.  Maybe it's blind bad luck.  Whatever the ill charm, it seems like when you stop obsessing about making it work for everyone that you start losing.

And so that got me thinking... on the subject some call "negotiation".  I like to call it "mutual satisfaction".  Silly, yes.  Serious, very...

The "advantage" in any deal doesn't go to a person or a side -- rather a cause...

Create a cause and you can probably create a contract with your name on it.  Sure there is ROI to be reckoned with and logic, reasoning, and savings.  But at the end of the day a cause wins out over anything else.  It's better than relationships, price points, or presentations.

If you fight to win every deal at any cost, you won't be profitable...

A lower price is not the cure to every competition.  It's rarely the cure to any competition.  Stop positioning every contract conclusion around you having all the same features but a cheaper price point.  You want to go there.  It seems like the right move.  It's not.

The guy who signs the contract is the most important person you need to know everything about...

It's almost stating the nonsensical obvious that to "do a deal" that works for everyone you have to know as much as possible about everyone involved.  How do they like deals to go down?  What are no-no's you need to avoid?  This is important.  Right now, all your deal gets is a look at the cover.  You are smart to use every opportunity to be strategic in your messaging.

Give influencers your script.  Help them create the story that has you emerging as super-hero...

OK.  So people want to help.  That's a good thing.  A better thing is help them with an explanation.  Remember that you are the "expert" in your wonderments.  Other people are excited but that excitement will not yield you many benefits if you can not effectively craft a story that helps you with your "cause".

Want to close big?

Make sure everyone's taken care of.