The Edge of Possibility: Where are you Standing?

Have you ever felt like you were on the very edge of outrageous opportunity?  Like you were so very close to making everything you ever wanted a reality?

Being on the edge of breakthrough is a powerful feeling.  You feel so close to your dreams that you somehow summon the extra will to win.  You push through the obstacles and reach deep to cross the finish line.

Being on the edge is where you want to be.  It's where you see the most success.

Next week, we are going to explore a key part of this mindset -- edgy conversations!

Join me for this inspiring event!

It's a one hour workshop where we will talk about some real world tactics to enable you to cut through the noise and have powerful conversations.

It's completely FREE so I am NOT pitching you anything other than the opportunity to open up your mind.

What if you could reach the right person with the right message?  How much more powerful would you be?  Would you find yourself on the edge of outrageous opportunity?

Don't take my word for it.  Here is what other people have to say after finding the edge for their organization.

I hope you can join me on the call.

Click here to go register:

  1. Don't come empty handed.  It will be an "open mike" for half the time.  So come ready with a problem that we can help you handle....
  2. I have asked two surprise guests to join me to share their stories about being on the edge of outrageous opportunity...

To recap: I am hosting another live teleseminar to handle your questions, issues, and specific questions about how you can use edgy conversations to get more business done faster with your prospects.  It's a live workshop you don't want to miss....