What's not being said….

I get asked all the time to take a look at a business plan or review a sales process (which I usually find intriguing).  There is something about a new idea with plenty of potential that gets me pumped up.

Not every investor is worth "getting in bed with" just because they have a bankroll.

I ran into this presentation poking fun at VC investors a few weeks ago and wanted to share.  It is pretty humorous how many of these are right on...

Here is what a VC would never say to you:  :-)

[slideshare id=1549490&doc=vcnonadmissions-090608115036-phpapp02]

Here is something else they wouldn't say:

  1. Investors have to believe in you executing (not your product magically becoming the next Google).
  2. Investors are too busy  to hold your hand every day and make sure you meet all the other people in their portfolio.
  3. Investors expect you to have the answers not to have to answer the same questions every meeting...

Just be informed!

Like your mom used to tell you, "Don't believe everything you don't hear..."