Sales is Life or Death

Fight for your Life

It is.  If you can't get sales, you die.  That's why I am so intense and polarizing about this issue.

Sales (and selling) is not a "gray issue".  It's black-and-white.

It's not about games or feelings or making people like you.

It's intense.  It's a fight for survival.  It's life or death.

That's why I push the entrepreneurs I work with so hard.

If we were playing with beach balls or snow-cones then I would be more relaxed and less of an ass-hole.  I wouldn't care if you succeeded or failed.  I would be glad that I'm OK and let you fail...

But REALLY it's more than life or death.  Your death infects those around you...

Here's something you are forgetting when you half-ass your commitment to selling.  The after-life of selling failure threatens a generation of future entrepreneurs.  It's the HIV of free enterprise, and there are no pills to make the rest of your career comfortable -- you die!

And the dying process is worse than just being dead.

You sweat and agonize and pain yourself into a million contortioned scenarios in which you try to imagine that doing the same silly mindless process a few more times might work this time (when deep down you know it won't)...

Sales is a war.

You must be a warrior from the first moment you rise in the morning to do battle.

You must believe that within you is the ability to succeed.  It is you that decides the outcome.

It is you that will determine if you live or die.

Decide to live... that death is not option today.

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