Your customers are wrong! And you are too for believing them!


Explosive sales breakthough can only occur when you truly understand that your propect, customer, client, or whatever else you call the people that spend money with you are not your friends. One of the biggest legends of sales mythdom is that "the customer is always right"...  You hear that quote everywhere.  It's the golden rule for customer service training and RFP engagement.

And it's dead wrong.

Especially when potential customers start getting shady over pricing.  They order services they don't intend to pay for.  They try to renegotiate deals that are already under contract.  They lead you to believe that doing them a favor now means more deals down the road.

And they are LYING.  The customer is not RIGHT he is LYING!

Many thanks to my buddy, Kriss Wilson, for getting his hands on the following video that you need to see.  It's preposterous!  It's downright insane when you think about the man-handling you receive from prospects about your pricing.


As Shamus Brown would say, "Sell with pride!"

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