FREE is the New "Black"

Price of FREE

If you have not thought about the competitive power of a new currency I am now calling "smart FREE" (as opposed to "dumb FREE") you should seriously it.

By the way, "smart FREE" means you have a purpose to creating a FREE version as opposed to just not having the discipline to think through your strategy (which I then call "dumb FREE")...

I got to be a part of the following content and I wanted to share this with The DEW View! community -- especially if you are in sales or an entrepreneur.

I have long been an advocate of GIVING away the most popular offering that you use to attract website traffic and I was absolutely pleased that Chris Anderson brought it up in his presentation below from Wired:

[brightcove vid=26540473001&exp3=1813626064&surl=]

Here is the core thesis that Alan Murray (of the Wall Street Journal) made which Chris really drives home:


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