Social Media is NOT Crap.


YES --  I do know that yesterday I wrote about how much I hate strongly dislike the whole social media menagerie that has been a bumper crop of marketing geniuses all over the world giving their over-baked opinions on how to be the next Ashton Kutcher with 2 squigillion over-twittered fans.

NO -- I don't really think that social media is crap.  It's not.  It's actually can be pretty useful.  I just think that most experts have no real clue how to use it in a MEANINGFUL (i.e. revenue generating) way.

My CEO buddy, Kriss Wilson, actually sent me a great email today about some great ways that Twitter is currently being used to manage a loyal group of followers.  It was a fantastic example (and all of you should direct message him and ask him for the content)

Here is teaser for anyone interested:  I am going to talk about it LIVE next week.

BrightTALK, the world leader in webstreamed content has asked me to lead a series of discussions targeting Channel Managers about how to grow their revenue and I am going to spend some considerable time debunking the nonsense of MOST of how I hear socmedia being utilized.

It should be a fun discussion and YES I do think you will be missing out if you can not make it to the LIVE event on JULY 1st...

I leave you with this:

ANY marketing that does not lead to REVENUE generation is a WASTE...(DEWism)

We can argue about when that revenue is realized.  We can disagree about what the best ROI might be.  We can even argue that I might be a complete idiot (there are a lot of people that might want to agree with you).

Just try to keep any business going on marketing rather than SALES and you are well on your way to Chapter 11.

No Thanks!!

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