Social Media is Crap.


Sorry.  Can I just get that off my chest?  (of course I can, I write this thing)  :-) Isn't media by nature social?

  • a VHS tape when passed hand-to-hand is now social media....
  • a letter when delivered at the hand of the postman is suddenly social media....

Google wisdom says that media is: "the storage and transmission tools used to store and deliver information or data".  Sounds pretty social to me.  How about you?

What do you think?

I know that we need to put a label on this interactive world we call life.  Why can't we just call it a conversation.  Why can't I have a conversation with you in a lot of different ways where Facebook, LinkedIn, BrightKite, Twitter, and Wordpress are all channels to keep us talking -- not labeled platforms.

Aren't you tired of the labels?  Of the nonsense around how important this idea of social media is?

Why can't we just talk and see where we fit together...  Maybe I am losing my mind, but it seems like having meaningful conversations makes the most sense.


By the way, check out this incredible discusion by Fred Wilson at #140Conf about Twitter and the monetization of social media:

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