Selling Susan Boyle!

Selling the First Impression

So I am out of the Susan Boyle fan club!

I really loved her.  I did. I wrote about the effects of her "Unexpected Inspiration"...

Susan's first performance will go down in "social media" history as one of the most powerfully viral videos of all time.

She was the essence of the underdog that we all root for: unattractive, seemingly naive, confident in her abstraction, singing about a "lost dream", and apparently enthusiastic to fail.

But instead of failing she won.  Powerfully....  Overwhelmingly....

I was genuinely moved to tears watching as she stunned the world with her performance.

Talk about "SELLING" a first-impression.

She dropped jaws on millions of people watching her performance all over the world.  She might make as much as $10 million over the next few years because of her single compelling performance.  (FYI, there are over 22 million links to Susan on Google right now)

She shocked us with her "my life has killed the dream...":


She built up so much hype for Britain's Got Talent, that 72% of the entire country tuned into the show to watch the final episode with her performing.  It was the single biggest performance of any musical artist ever in Britain.

And here she is at the finals:


Perhaps a good performance.  Perhaps a great performance.  Perhaps a terrific performance.

Just for anyone other than Susan Boyle.

This is Susan Boyle and I just didn't like the fact that I am left underwhelmed.

..........and uninspired...

....................and disappointed...

..............................and a smidge cranky.

My second impression leaves me wanting inspiration.  I want more!

You challenged me, Susan, you did!  But now it's time to move on.

Your first impression was powerful.  It sold me on investing in another performance -- a performance that "let me down"...

MOTTO: Selling a first impression is an amazing way to get a buyer to invest in a second look.  Just make sure you give them something to look at while you have their attention...  The pain of being "let down" works much worse against you than the pleasure of being inspired by a single performance....