"Joe Courageous"


I was traveling with my brother earlier last week to Washington, DC on some business and after a day of long but exciting meetings I made the observation that no matter how far we pushed ourselves there was always another challenge to conquer -- another opportunity to explore.  That's just a part of how we work and think.  That's a key way to think about generating  revenue.  Enough is never enough...

It's easier once you know how and most people don't endure the "knowing how" process.  It takes courage!  I have spent years of my life obsessing about "selling" and I haven't even begun to be the "full DEW" that I expect I will be in a few more years.  AND I won't get there, I won't realize my full potential if I let up even a little.  It takes courage sometimes to keep going.

Still thinking about this idea, I just ran across an article written by a local entrepreneur that made me stop and think about this idea.  Here is what Joe Milam writes:

Joe Conquers Fear

While I was out running the other night I realized something seismic: belief conquers fear. More specifically, I had conquered my fear of entrepreneurship through belief. While there are many important steps to building a successful start-up business, none is more important than this: the day you realize that your belief in your idea, product, or service is bigger than your fears and anxiety about the business and its future. The day you realize that is a good day.....

I am not going to sit here and tell you I am not going to have more lows. I know I will, and I know they could happen any day. But I also know when they do happen, I will pull through and get on top again....

When you have no money things are tough, but when you have no belief, things are impossible.

I get it.  I have been there.  I have pushed through the fear and fought on.  The interesting thing is that fear never really goes away.  You just have the confidence to combat it head-on.  You know that although "today was a bad day", you have within the ability, the power, the endurance to see the fight through to the end.  You have already done it before and tomorrow will be no different.

Be Courageous!  Never be satisfied with "enough".

Thanks, Joe!


Joe is the CEO of BigLeapGPS

Joe Milam President & Founder, BigLeapGPS

Start up experience as president and founder of a wireless broadband company in 2003 that was sold in 2006 and is still viable today. Past experience includes 3 years as one of the top sales performers for global distribution leader, ScanSource. First start-up experience took place while at ScanSource when Joe was asked to help start up an e-commerce division in 2001 called BlackArrow e-COM.  Joe is a graduate from Clemson University (B.A. Spanish & Business, 1995).