I don't want to hear what you think you need to say to me to close the deal…

...and the title is basically the entire content of my thoughts on the subject. (a.k.a "Shut Up, Sell More")

Why do sales people feel the need to splurt out their entire sales pitch every time they get in front of their prospect?  Customer's hate it!  I cringe just thinking about it.

Your friends don't really care what you are selling, why would prospects be any better?  They don't even know you.  And after your "pitch" they probably don't want to even try to get to know you.  They might get trapped in one your  "when I was in 6th grade in nun school" stories with another Corona as the only source of relief.

What can I say to convince you that no one REALLY CARES about you or what you are selling?  I mean it.  When you talk too much you lose any mystery you might have otherwise presented.  Any "bonus points" get flushed down the toilet....

I was reading in the local news about this John Ludwig guy and his murder case for insanely driving his Maserati way off the road, through a house killing a gentleman, and out the other side of the house.  John already seems to be quite the controversial figure in the Upstate South Carolina area and the following story highlights some possbilities why:

By Russell Bradley Published: May 20, 2009

Another bizarre twist in the murder case of John Ludwig occurred Tuesday afternoon in a Greenville County courtroom. Ludwig and his attorneys were ordered back to court after Judge Eugene Griffith discovered someone had altered the bond order issued by the him the day before. Ludwig had been released from jail about 5 hours earlier.

Ludwig had “questions” about the order. Ludwig allegedly wrote on the order “no electronic monitoring” and “no porch arrest” because he claimed people called the last time he was monitored claiming he was violating his bond by being on his porch. The judge called the unauthorized change in his order, “a thumb in his eye”.  He expressed his concern that Ludwig “doesn’t respect authority” and sent him back to jail, charging Ludwig with contempt.


Bob Ariail (prosecutor for the case) said his office had never seen something like this before, and that his office was, “tired of this case and the problems its creating.“ He said Ludwig has not gotten the message, and wanted “the last word.“

While "playing chicken" with the legal system may sound like "fun times" for Mr. Ludwig, he can enjoy his time back in jail as he learns that sometimes it is a winning move to SHUT THE HELL UP!  Seriously.  This is real life.

This is about making money.  This is about sales success at any cost.

This is NOT about your personal ego!

I was on a webinar with Jill Konrath yesterday where she was talking quite eloquently (as usual) about selling in a down economy to big companies.  About mid way through the discussion the moderator stopped her with a question from a sales lady in the audience:

"I am required to sell a lot of [product] to my customers.  How can I close deals faster when I have so much to say?"

Jill laughed.  I almost fell out of my chair (Sorry, I know that sounds mean).

But, seriously, "you have so much to say"? You do?  You have so much to say?

Stop trying to have the last word and get your entire "schpeal" out.

I guarantee you your prospects don't really care about the facts, figures, stats, metrics, accomplishments, trends, theories, milestones, goals, features, characteristics, aspects, facets, specifics, particulars, components, attributes, differentiators, trademarks, highlights, benchmarks, achievements, or a thousand other buzzwords that are in the remaining 32 slides of your Powerpoint...  (even that last slide with the "questions?" title).

They want to know quite simply how this quickly solves their pain; and then they just want you to shut up and let them decide to tell you "YES"...

Can you do that?  Can you stop talking all the way to the bank?

(By the way, my buddy Tom Searcy at Hunt Big Sales, had an amazing blog post about the "Dumb Things Salespeople Say"...  It is a must read!)

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