Being the Square Sales Peg…

Are you an "expert" too?

Confucius said: “Worry not that no one knows of you; seek to be worth knowing..."

Do you have your business card within reach?  Take a look at it for a minute.

What's your title?  (Let's start with that)  What are you calling yourself?

Let me guess....

You have the words "executive" or "associate" or "VP"* or "representative"  or "development" (maybe "owner" or "founder" or "principal" too) somewhere in a 2-4 word label of what you do -- what value you provide to a buyer.

*(I chuckle at the "VP" moniker as it seems to be a favorite among sales dudes.  Somehow getting up in the morning and putting on a tie isn't enough for most of us in the profession of sales.  We need our VP badge of honor to go make some sales...)

If you have anyone of those words in your title then you are NOT a square peg in the sales hole.

You are friction-free!

Congratulations, you have played the game safe.  You have not offered to provide anything different or extraordinary to prospective customers.  You have not given your competition any concern about posing a threat to their market penetration.  You have not  had to explain to your boss, why you were "doing things differently".  You have followed the rules and you should be proud of yourself (or not....).

Can I make a bold statement?

You are probably the same person who is  wondering right now how to make enough sales to meet your quota this month.  You are also the person who is looking for a new job because "no one is buying" what you are selling.  You can't figure out why sales aren't happening as fast as you would like.  In fact recently, sales haven't been coming to you at all.

Can I make another bold statement?

Forcing yourself to stick out isn't for most sales executives.

  • It requires the fortitude to  pop back up when the world pushes you down...
  • It requires the preparation to present value at every interaction...
  • It requires the creativity to think differently about your job...
  • It requires the courage to stand on your own and lead new directions...
  • It requires the passion to fight for what you hope you is right...
  • It requires being the square peg that can not fit in the typical selling "round" hole...

Be the square sales peg!

Start with your title.  It's the first thing people want to know about you.

Being the Square Peg

By the way, sticking out isn't the glory you may be thinking.  There are actually only a FEW market gurus.  Odds are you probably won't be one either -- to start.  You can always fight for your place in history, but you can't be shoved down the hole with everyone else and expect outrageously successful revenue explosion.

You must stand up.

You must stand out!

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