An Open "Twetter" to US Airways

US Airways

I just got off the phone with a multi-national company that continues to assualt my sense of service with their "half English speaking" reps  who manage to stumble through a script that neither helps my problem nor attempts to really assist me in solving my problems.

This reminded me of my recent debacle with US Airways on my travel to Washginton, DC...

Here is the follow-up email I sent to them:


Dear US Airways Social Media Marketing Team,

I usually love your quick shuttle from Washington, DC to New York City or Boston.  I rarely even speak to anyone.  I use your automated kiosk "thing-a-ma-jobber" to print out my ticket and manage my whole trip.  I hop on with my rolling briefcase and arrive in a hour and do my business.  It's actually pretty cool.

And then you pee'd on my shoe and I'm bitter.

I moved to Greenville, SC a few months ago and played the "fun games" of navigating through a new airport to find out where I go, who I see, and how close my gate is to a coffee shop for my morning fuel.  This time, I actually had to talk to a US Airways employee.

You totally blew up my perception of you presenting an amazing customer service experience.

I had to journey from one US Air booth up a flight of stairs to another booth, just to get the right person to see me.  Then when I was able to navigate the "create a puzzle" canvas straps that usually guide me to the next available agent, my problems were completely ignored.  To start, I got the "half hand brush-off" from your agent behind the counter.  "Poor her" that I was in next in line in my business suit needing a different seat.  Then I was told to use the kiosk to fix my problem -- which I had already attempted twice and notified her of previously.  Finally I got my tired "I guess you won't go away" service which took all of 65.8 seconds of effort from her.  OH!  And I wanted to pay you to upgrade my flight, but you didn't even offer to do.  I was so mad by your poor service that I forgot to bring it up until I was halfway through security.

NOTE: Making me feel like an idiot does not makes me "warm and fuzzy" about your social networking attempts to increase brand loyalty.

I am sure you are still giddy over the amazing success you have had with your new website and your willingness to explore widly cutting-edge social marketing tools like Twitter and Facebook.  OOOOOH!  You are good.   But a focus on social media marketing is good as long as your core business (which by the way I see it is "assisting people") is sound.  It's not sound.

It's broken...

Something is broken!  "Someones" are broken...  Instead of adver-tweeting your $69 flights to Vegas, just make sure I can get in my seat without being sumo-squashed in a middle seat when I would have otherwise paid to upgrade.  I apologize that I am bothering you to take my money.

Stop building a twanual for twinding tweople on the twinternets... and just be available to help me spend my money when I need you.  Is that too much to ask?



Current Status: I have NOT received a response from anyone at US Airways regarding this matter.  Perhaps they were not amused by my use of satire....

Lesson to learn: When you are in the business of taking other people's money, they speed of your customer's anger is proportional to your ability to deliver them valuable service.

  • High value + low price = outrageous satisfaction...
  • Low value + high price = angry "you haters"...

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