Urgency unDefined…

I want to write an article about urgency based on my experience and somehow I never finish what I start on this subject. And that's not because I don't have something to say about it... Ask many of the entrepreneurs I speak with on daily basis -- URGENCY is a key piece of every discussion.

It's easier for me to FEEL about this subject than to write. In many ways it's like the wind -- you see the force through the changes it makes when it is strongest...

YET, despite these clear pictures, I find myself struggling to write exactly "what is" this idea of urgency. I can communicate the emotion of fighting for a cause or the sense of deeply passionate activity, but urgency seems a little more than just emotion, passion, or a cause.

Here are some simple thoughts on identifying URGENCY:

  • Urgency is the understanding that TIME dilutes my DREAMS, thus action - ferociously intense - is required immediately.
  • Urgency is the core belief that my DREAM is best lived in the moment - not in the future of possibilities.
  • Urgency is wielding today's activities to the advantage of those around me because tomorrow will be too late.
  • Urgency is the resolve to bring my DREAM to life knowing that life will not understand my dream (perhaps ever).
  • Urgency is fueling my DREAM through immediate and purposed activity.

We would all be outraged to have a stranger come into our house while we are eating and take food off the table uninvited; and yet we will let our ideas, our passions, our dreams, our very meaning for life to be snatched away from us SIMPLY because we lack the desire to defend what is ours.