It's Always What It's Not

2009 is going to be great year...  Thanks for hanging with me at The DEW View!  It has been a fun ride.  I hope to write more in the coming days about my recent experiences and observations about the executive-scape.

"The BEST "deal makers" in the world understand that the real issue is ALWAYS what it appears NOT to be..." (DEWism)

I had a call recently about a fellow executive that just lost about everything. He owned several different businesses that went bankrupt, his wife divorced him, and his house and "guy toys" are going back to the bank. I was sobered just thinking about this and here is why that is so interesting to me.

In a weird sense of karma YOU might never have guessed that this was even a remote possibility. Seriously, this dude was the "on the ball". Anytime I had business questions he referred me to 5 different great books on the subject at hand. Talk about being intimidated. I was..

He had what appeared to be "A" game.

I was not and am not HAPPY that bad things befell this executive. That is a senseless waste of emotion and certainly sets up horrible karma. I did have some insights into perceptions.

People always have more going on than they let us know about... It's called "dealing with life" and we all do it.

I do.

You do.

The guys you are trying to negotiate with or sell to do as well...

Understanding that simple fact and harnessing the "unknown" as being not only possible but currently "in play" is key leverage in tackling the hard issues that can and WILL kill deals.

Think about the words we use sometimes in our daily interactions:

  • It's all good...
  • No worries...

Is it at any time in our lives where we have no worries and everything is perfect?

NO. That's not realistic.

So the next time, you think everything is at is seems, think again!