Politics… Vote for yourself!


Today is national election day in the good ol' US(of)A... And that's a wonderful 4 year cycle for us (let me apologize upfront for the satire oozing from this part of the post).

For the last 18 months we have heard about "CHANGE" and "Being a Maverick" and a million other Saturday Night Live ready "bits" about why each one of these candidates should be the fearless leader of the free world a heavily-in-debt world power (with nukes).

Before I lay my cards on the table, let me ask you your opinion on this grand election day...

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OK... Now that you have that off your chest let me tell you that for a long time I have had problems with both candidates (surprise, suprise...). As I was mowing my lawn this past Sunday (for the first time in my new home), it suddenly smacked me in the face why I was so uncomfortable with the candidates.

One of my core values is EXCELLENCE. At ACCESS, my office had a banner on the wall that said the following three words: "Excellence is Everything!"

To me that means that I execute my life by a series of standards that fundamentally does not compromise QUALITY for sleep or pain or ignorance. The mark is perfection and getting as close as possible to the mark is my goal. (DEWism)

In most endeavors, that attitude propels me toward success in a hurry. (At other times, it sends me to the Emergency Room to recover and start to think that I need to ease back a little.)

In sales, you eat what you kill. If you are enjoying the finer "steaks" of life, it is because you CLEARLY earned it. Too me this is very black and white and very much why I like the SALES BUSINESS. It is a meritocracy where the formula is clear:


A philosophy that says I will give you something you don't DESERVE, because I want you to "stop nagging me" SUCKS! It sucks with politicians and it super-sucks with underachieving sales reps business executives in any division.

  • There is a reason that GOOD executives get BETTER! (almost all the time)
  • There is a reason that BAD executives stay BAD! (most of the time)

I think it has to do with this concept of EXCELLENCE...

So I say this to my political choices for presidente: "Stop telling me what you are going to GIVE me! Start telling me how you will help me grow myself..."

SIDENOTE: For a sales team, there is NOTHING WORSE than a team commission system (It rarely works). I like to think that a flawed economic distribution system won't work either. The high perfomers will still perform (because that's what they do) and the weaker under-performers will still keep getting rewarded without merit and without encentive to build their own value of EXCELLENCE...

So vote away, DEW VIEW Clan! And, more importantly, vote for yourself by reading from the best in the business:

Change your your actions you and will get better results! Change your philosophy and you'll get a better lifestyle!