Sometimes Quitting Means Forward Progress…


(So.... I just have to get this off my chest!)

If you know me at all, then you would be surprised to ever hear me mention that I quit something. I am not a quitter. That's not what I do! That’s not always a good thing, mind you.

Regardless, there is something in me that refuses to give up on something once I have a goal through my thick head.

AND YET… as I examine my core values behind the idea of “trying”, I am left wondering if “quitting” can’t sometimes be the beginning of something new to “try”… Think about it with me.

In many cases:

  • If I QUIT smoking, then I am TRYING to avoid the negative health risks that accompany the habit…
  • If I QUIT drinking alcohol, then I am TRYING to take control of a condition that might otherwise be controlled by an abused substance…
  • If I QUIT eating fatty foods, then I am TRYING to maintain my physical health against my intrinsic aging process…

Not many people would criticize reducing carcinogenic intake, cutting cholesterol by a healthy diet, or taking action over alcohol abuse. In fact, most people would offer words of encouragement or “Best of Luck” when included in the conversation…

SO… if quitting can be an admirable activity, WHEN is it a good thing over just plain laziness? When is it in our best interest to change course rather than remain in our current endeavor?

I don’t know all the answers around this topic. If you were to observe the last 18 months of my life you would be telling me that I should “Give Up”. And frankly, it makes sense! In hindsight, I probably should have done just that! What?

Here is the short summary:

I lost TONS of money on a business venture that never seemed to be within my grasp… (even though I kept telling myself I could make it happen against all the odds)... at the same time I was/am fighting to rebuild my personal life after years of horrendous working hours caused by a “business first” mentality… (How’s that for transparency!)


For what I do not know! I am left wondering:

  • Is it the fight that appeals to me rather than the pursuit of victory?
  • When is fighting the fight no longer courageous and just plain STUPID?
  • Will it even matter in time to come that I fought this fight?

Who knows?

I don’t. Until then, here's to the fight!