Different or Memorable… BOTH?


I have long been a proponent of NOT following the crowded marketplace in business – or even in my personal goals.  The aspect of being a “sheep” is certainly NOT appealing and creates a mental state of “just being another one” of the pack!  Way not cool (if I can use professional terms)!

I have found in my personal discussions (mostly started by disagreeing readers of The DEW View) that being different (which I equate to being memorable) is not usually a sought-after quality.  In many cases it is seen as a wildly negative “life situation” (think high school era and the corporate scene...)

I will share that being different (actively pursuing the “cosmic whitespace”) does create a rift in our crowd-sourced psyche.   In other words, you have to know when to turn it off (i.e. my wife does not want a zealot at home...) and in what direction to channel it (i.e. being memorable can lead to infamy.)

Part of the problem with being memorable is that you have to have the mental fortitude to pioneer into the future with few if any believers.  Think about the concept of “common sense”...

  • What is COMMON?
  • What is SENSE?

Look around you for a minute and note how your perspective on topics differs with the people that you know and work with...  NOW, think about the rest of the world that you have never had the chance to meet.  Is anything you think to be common or sensible a mainstay of their existence?

That makes what you do NEITHER common NOR sensible.

Remember, what you do WILL NOT be a “best practice” or a market standard.  It will simple be YOU – and that's not a negative thing.

  • YOU can be sustainable enough to sustain world change...
  • YOU can be powerful enough to inspire passion...

Quite simply, YOU can be everything you need to be to accomplish your goals and turn your dreams into reality...

YOU are the single greatest force in creating a new tomorrow..

“No one cares about your vision like YOU... but they can REMEMBER YOU..." (DEWism)