What am I Doing With My Life?


I haven't had the time to write too much over the last few days as my schedule has flown at me from all directions. I will be writing more about how I got booted from my executive peer group yesterday (YES, that's a fun story for me to share with you all...) and the general goings on with my life right now.

This morning I got the following comment/email from a reader and it perfectly captured my internal musings about life at this current time. See what you think about Suzy' personal reflection:

"I still need to identify WHAT I want to do… at 40… started out as a secretary because I did not have to work with numbers… that title changed to Administrative Assistant, which does not change the attitude of the employers! Then went on to a Coordinator position, then into Translating (French-English), now into Franchise Sales… Joined Toastmasters to polish and improve my communication/leadership skills…. What’s next? I need to have fun at work, enjoy who I work with and feel that I am “backed” by my bosses… still, I feel I’m “missing” something…."

WOW! That's pretty transparent. It's also very real for EVERY one of us at some time in our life. I am 29 and Suzy is 40 and we are both asking ourselves what we want to do next.

By the way, in case you thought I had the perfect answer to Suzy' thoughts, you came to the wrong blog. I don't really know what to think about her comments. I do have some general observations:

  • There is nothing wrong with facing life each day ready to take on what comes at you... Sometimes you may not have the master plan OR even feel like you have the core ability to take on more challenges. The fact that you are alive and in touch with your feelings about destiny is enough...
  • All human emotions are rooted in pain avoidance around two unique qualities: LOVE and MONEY... I noticed that Suzy noted her "need" to feel support from her bosses. Revealing. It's amazing that you can articulate your "need structure" -- that's important. Can I make the gentle observation that your bosses will always "NOT SUPPORT" you and it will always seem to happen at the worst possible times?
  • Life is the journey to "complete" ourselves... We all feel, at times, like we are missing something -- more love, more money, more time, more self-confidence... IT'S A JOURNEY! That means you don't get to the destination by pushing a button or flipping a switch -- it's a quest...

We all ask ourselves at times what is the next step... There is nothing wrong with that self discovery... So, "Ask Yourself Away"!

"Challenge Tomorrow's Destiny with Today's Action" (DEWism)