Stop Worrying About Burnout….

....FIX IT!

Dinosaurs DIED out -- they didn't BURN out...NOTE: This really a dialogue with myself that I am foolishly writing about here..

Not sure why I was thinking about this so much (besides the fact that I am suffering from burnout) but I did just have to give myself a little "pep talk" about allowing myself to believe that burnout was even an option.

And then I had to do more self-correction. Burnout is ALWAYS an option...

I like to believe that all of life is an option. I can choose what I allow to happen to "DEW" (that's me... just in case you were scratching your head)...

I do consider the head-game to be the hardest part about obsession. When you move fast and hard in controversial places, you have to have a thick skin and an even stronger mind. You really have to know why what you are doing is so important... in spite of having that belief system questioned incessantly.


INSIGHTS: Allowing burnout to turn you into a "mental vegetable" is as silly as riding a motorcycle without a helmet. The wind rushing past your face may be an andrenaline rush, but one wrong move and you can be crippled for life...
See it, Feel it, Embrace it -- then work to HEAL it. Most people give up before they burnout. That you are in this place means that you have fought harder and longer than most. But understand -- that fact alone won't save you! Stop worrying about burnout and FIX it.
Here are a few simple ways to get back on top of your A-Game:
  • Declutter your brain -- Take a walk and pick out the sounds around you. Try to isolate each sound by itself... You will have to forget about most of your stress to accomplish this task...
  • Pick a sports hobby -- Running, fighting, basketball, whatever it is -- spend a few hours each week (each day if possible) involved in that activity... The mastery of self-fulfilment is powerful in building mental endurance...
  • CHILL -- Sometimes it helps to just do nothing... Do whatever you feel like doing: read a book, or share a joke, smoke a cigar... Don't give yourself rules... (except that addictive or self-destructive behavior is not allowed...)
Burnout is real and poses a threat to every zealot... Stop worrying about it and FIX IT!

For the phoenix to rise from the ashes One must know the pain To transform the fire to burning desire --Mark Gorkin