The Courage to Dream…

I read the following thoughts from Nadia Henderson which passionately and eloquently describes her thoughts on "dreams":

"Dreams aren't merely thoughts we fantasize about, they are the force that gives grit its necessary strength to fight opposition and win successfully. And that alone is what makes or breaks a person."

Dreams are the road map for our personal success.Dream small and you'll have small successes. Dare to dream big and you are prepared for that test of human courage and will, through which if you fight hard enough, you can attain goals beyond your wildest dreams.

Big dreams are risky! People expect you to fail and by conventional odds the possibilities are overwhelming that you will fail... Every contest is a battle of human will and passion.

In adding to Nadia's brilliance, I would offer ther:

"It is ONLY when we allow ourselves to venture outside the limits of conventional possibility that we can realize that expanse of human courage through which we can realize a limitless destiny..." (DEWism)