Stop being Stupid!


I have concluded that most of us have a tendency of "being stupid"...



...including myself... (I am the official case study for this research, but I include the rest of you so I don't feel lonely...)  WHY? 

Because we grow increasingly self-limiting as we gain more life experience... And that just seems backwards.

Shouldn't life teach us that we are untouchable -- still standing despite the worst that is sent our way? Think about it. Don't we all have "war stories" that we embellish with the wonders of "I survived"? 

It is hard to take abuse -- physical , mental, perceived -- BUT the advantage to living through hell is that you have the option to grow "fearless"... It is an "option". 

(From a lot of perspectives, I was raised with the proverbial "silver spoon"; however, my parents did do an impressively frustrating job of inspiring personal and professional growth from me.)





Yesterday, as I was in the middle of a discussion with a senior adviser, I found myself really pushing back at the ideology and categorical assertions that I was being offered. It took me a few moments to realize that I was being defensive to the point of "stupidity"... 

Then it hit me:

"I don't need to agree with everyone, much less have everyone agree with me"



Opinions, challenges, disagreement, dispute, conflict -- these all help me focus my passion and obsessive tendencies...




My natural tendency is to NOT do things that are painful (sounds obvious, right?).







NOTE TO SELF: STOP being stupid! STOP IT! 

  • STOP caring what other people think...
  • STOP trying to convince everyone that you are right...
  • STOP feeling inadequate when life gets hard...<!--[endif]-->