New Muscles…it Sucks to be weak…

So the daily visits to the gym (in the heart of the day) have been fun...

Since I limit my time from prep, exercise, shower and re-dress to no more than 1.5 hours, there is no time for "chilling out"... I run at least 30 minutes at a rate that burns at least 500 calories through some aerobic tilt-the-treadmill-back-to-infinity program that I maniacally select. The first time I hit the treadmill, I puked 7 different ways to Wednesday.

It Sucked...big time! (Ever throw up so bad you thought you were going to was like that...) Well, I had not been developing my lungs, my stomach, my endurance, or my head for the battle.

3-4 days later I do the same thing with relative ease.... WHY? My muscles were trained to to respond the task at hand and the exercise was painless.

SOUND FAMILIAR? Sound like business?

The business battlefield is not for the faint-of-heart. Stay at home if you don't want to be exercised.

"Expect that you will me be lied to, cheated, abused, hurt, hated, plotted against, and a million other things I can't even think of right now..."

Build new business muscles... Some observations from a young CEO:

  • I am so tired of listening to sales people complain about the unilateral lack of support in operations.... UHHH...Don't you think it make sense to learn a little smidgen better what operations actually does? Especially while you are sleeping!?!
  • OH YEAH...and I never stop getting amazed listening to junior executives complaining that they "don't get respect"... HELLO!!! Respect? Did you think it came with the new name badge? Please tell me you are kidding...
  • accounting: We know you add up the credit and debits quite nicely. Screaming about how fast we spend money doesn't solve the problem that we need more of it tomorrow... GIVE me SOLUTIONS -- not Shakespearean drama... (pretend I can't use a calculator)
Yes, as if you have any doubts left, I am a maniac. I would rather push myself over the edge than not be pushed at all... I would be burn out than be bored, be injured than be overly safe, be building new MUSCLES than living comfortably in a word where nothing challenges me or makes me realize how WEAK I might really be...

"It SUXZ to be WEAK....but it's more pathetic to not even realize how WEAK you might really be...." (don't steal it... its a DEW original quote!)