Mastery Through Discipline…

So I have to recap on my goals for 2008. My largest (most scary) goal of the year is to compete in an Ultimate Fighting event. Laugh break....

OK. Now that you got that out of your system. Let me REPEAT: My goal for 2008 is to compete (i.e. fight to the semi-death) in a Ultimate Fighting event... So I started to get tactical about this... Working the frenetic pace that I am does not allow for me to consistently take MMA classes and hit the gym every day (which we would all agree is pretty much a necessity if I'm not going to get my ass kicked...).

Being the stubborn guy that I am, I attempted this ("I'll-do-this-when-I get-home" approach for about 5 months) without stellar success. Adding to this that working around the clock some days for 50-60 straight hours, my body was physical depleted. In fact, when I weighed in at the gym last week, I discovered I had lost almost 20 POUNDS. (I was trying to figure out where I had 20 pounds to even lose...)


Nothing groundbreaking. Nothing earth-shattering. I now have a daily schedule for hitting the gym for 1.5 to 2 hours anytime from 5:30 in the morning (when I sometimes get in) to over lunch to much later after regular business hours before I go home... In less than a week, I am back in shape (pre-frenetics) and itching for trouble... (There is still along way to go...)

Why is this important?

It takes DISCIPLINE to accomplish any long-term goal. ANY... Mastery (i.e. achieving success) is less about being stellar over a short amount of time and more about being DISCIPLINED over the long haul.

Mastering goals, deadlines, or even yourself starts in the rudimentary passion for being DISCIPLINED... Don't start something you can't muster the determination to FINISH. Calculate success by the number of times you CONTINUE rather the the number of instances you START...

CONCLUSION: I am sure to receive a major ass-woopin' later in the year as I take on a much more talented competitor. I don't care. He's not going to kill me. I've pushed myself to the limit of my own physical conditioning (and beyond) and I'm still standing. I believe that the level of my mastery in this challenge will directly correlate to my DISCIPLINE. So before I commit to the destruction of my opponent in the ring, I am committing to my DISCIPLINE in the gym.