11th Commandment: Remember Thy Mentors…

"We may be a product of our environment, but we can chose our mental neighborhood..." (DEWISM)

You only get better by surrounding yourself with even better peers... Mentors can be a great source of this growth. Think of mentors as neighbors in your mental neighborhood. Do you want annoying neighbors or the ones that mow your lawn for you... and bring over the apple pie?

We chose where we live in large part because of the location and WHO is around us? Good neighbors mean stability and mature growth for us as a family... Our neighbors set the tone for the quality of our home environment... So do great mentors!

Shamus Brown, CEO of Industrial Ego Sales, was/is one such individual to me. Lucky for me, I got a bad ass mentor the first time around. In my growing self-dissatisfaction days as an early twenty year old punk in sales (trying really hard but kind of clueless...) I hired Shamus to turn around my skills and make me the "CLOSER"... Shamus Failed!

He didn't teach me how to close anything.....

Starting with my first "zen session", Shamus taught me that the head game was the most important part of the battle for success. He confirmed my disdain for the Zig Ziglar -esque "put a post-it note on the mirror that reminds you how good you are" type of tactics and taught me to examine and qualify opportunities and LISTEN to client's pain...

Imagine that! Instead of practicing fancy "lines" or tricky "tactics", I was taught to "listen" and "empathize"... I learned and I became an AllStar.... (at least let me think so)

It was never me! It was always my mentors... AND I am grateful.

There is a whole other long list of people like my father, my older brother, Ryan Schmelz, and a few others that come to mind as being highly instrumental in my success -- recent and "along the way".

Why am I am thinking about this?

Part of my 2008 goals are to find five NEW mentors to add to my "mental neighborhood"...

It's hard!

  • What do I want these individuals to bring to the table?
  • Do I have enough time to "learn more"?
  • Am I prepared to be challenged by the wisdom these new mentors will bring?

I certainly don't have all the answers... I know they are out there... One thing I do know:

For all my mentors, past and present, I say THANKS! I am grateful.......