You Have to Live It!


So after my agreement with Jason Calacanis about only "hiring workaholics" for a startup... I then read Brad Feld's thought's on taking a vacation.

(First I had to look up "vacation" in the dictionary...) Like Fred Wilson, I find it extremely hard to STOP! That's NOT a compliment or EVEN an indication of "drive". It's REALLY a self-awareness about my thoughts on destiny.

Perspective Shift: How do you STOP trying to change the world? How do you put aside destiny? Even for a weekend?

I won't pretend to have this dilemma totally figured out (In fact, I am pretty confident that my views will change as I "age"...).


Here is an observation I make from the facts at hand: A dream is not for talking about but for living for! An obsession with destiny is not so much about hoping about you can do, but rather in exercising a personal forcefulness toward ones higher calling. Side Note: Brad Feld does make the case for balance and certainly that is "politically" commendable; however I find it most sincere that a maniacal dedication to one's goals is much more effective...and ultimately more predictably successful!

Note to Self: Does Golf count as a Vacation?