Success' Secret Formula…

CQ + PQ > IQ or Curiosity Quotient + Passion Quotient > Intelligence Quotient

Tom Friedman makes the case that brawn trumps brains in a battle for success. While at face value that seems silly (certainly hard to prove...), Friedman expands upon this theory in a May 2006 interview:

"It's just NOT so much WHAT you know; it's how you learn, because
what you know today will likely be outdated sooner in a flat world..."

That certainly creates a new formula around enhancing your CQ and PQ. Can you make yourself more "curious" or "passionate"? Should you stop being intelligent and focus on "drama" (as some would label the "PQ"...)?

What is the happy mix? What combination of these elements leads to success?

While I can hardly purport to have the answers to the elixir of success, the most obvious answer is:

  • To keep trying - fully appreciating that even in failure, success can be learned...
  • To stay in the moment - completely aware that today's energy will yield results...
  • To be flexible - willing to change course to maximize "trying" energy...
There is something to be said for expending energy capital to get to where you need to be... Sometimes that's all you have!

And using what one has ... can't help but lead to success!

(I'll write more about this)