Relationships With Purpose…


There is a certain truth that business gets done via personal relationship. The bigger the deal, the better the relationship needed to pull it off. So how is it that certain sales people are highly productive while others know "everyone" but can't get a deal done?

Could it be that simply building relationships is but the first part of the bigger issue of building MEANINGFUL relationships... Creating purposeful relationships requires understanding:

THAT no two individuals have the same map of the reality – the meaning of the same thing is different for different people. THAT the other person's point of view is the reality you have to deal with. THAT emotionally exiting the relationship and becoming a detached observer will allow you to become most effective – imagine finality and understand the causality to that end. THAT relationships are most effective when the question is shifted from: How can I change that person's core belief? to How can I use that persons existing core beliefs to trigger desired behavior?

Moving relationships to a point of great purpose requires: UNDERSTANDING your understanding of the relationship. Categorize both your own and the other person's behavior in the relationship. ANTICPATING how others experience your behavior. What sort of tagline would they put on it? How do you make them feel? VISUALIZING that other person doing what you have anticipated they will do, and see yourself responding to them.

Fix what doesn't work!